Mile Meet + Elite Women’s 1500m Results 31 May 2019


1 Sarah InglisF2704:14.6191.2%Mustangs
2 Regan YeeF2304:16.7890.5%Mustangs
3 Shalaya KippF2804:23.5488.1%Unattached
4 Lindsay CarsonF2904:24.5287.7%Unattached
5 Alycia ButterworthF2604:25.3887.7%Unattached
6 Sandra KilmartinF2604:34.9084.5%Thunderbirds
7 Mikaela SmartF2204:35.3284.5%Mustangs
8 Jennifer ShannonF2104:41.0082.7%Mustangs

Elite Mens Mile

1 Matthew WinklerM3004:13.4788.2%Unattached
2 Adam MarshallM2404:13.7487.6%Mustangs
3 James LamM2304:14.9887.3%Mustangs
4 Will RileyM2004:22.6285.6%UBC T&F
5 Calum CarriganM1804:24.3087.2%Kamloops
6 Michael MilicM2104:27.1783.7%Unattached
7 Jake WestonM2004:28.4284.0%UBC T&F
8 Ronald LoewenM2704:28.9982.8%MustangsPB
9 Stephen KasicaM2904:37.5680.1%UnattachedPB
10 Nicholas BrowneM3804:38.4083.5%VFAC
11 Adam HAMMONDM3804:40.1182.9%UTTC
12 Kyle KIMURAM2904:49.1577.1% VFAC PB
13 Julian COOPERM3704:53.3078.6% VFAC PB
14 Kenny MUIRM3504:57.2176.6% VFAC PB
15 Charles Perrot-MinotM2805:06.7872.5% VFAC PB

Mixed Mile – Heat 1

1 Rochelle MarasaF3705:43.5275.3%UnattachedPB
2 Paul FarrowM6205:52.2980.0%Kintec
3 Todd NicklelM4305:52.5868.2%Mile2Marathon
4 Brian TownsendM3705:57.4364.5%UnattachedPB
5 Katie MuirF3506:09.4169.4%Van Falcons
6 Douglas GrimesM5606:11.4572.1%NorWesters
7 Helen RitchieF5206:15.4581.8%Van Falcons
8 Anna-Veronika TitovaF1306:21.3071.3% Ocean
9 Alyssa CantaruttiF2906:23.2065.7%Unattached
10 Jane HowlettF3006:24.8265.4%Van Falcons
11 Kristina JeneiF3106:29.4864.9%Van Falcons
12 Adele WilsonF6206:47.6386.5%Van Falcons1st AG
13 Karin AdandeF3307:00.9260.3%NorWesters
14 Eric MazziM5507:03.7962.5%Lions Gate
15 Alina KunitskayaF2207:44.1254.2%Unattached
16 Walter BlockM7713:43.3254.9%UnattachedWalker

Mixed Mile – Heat 2

1 Philip FinlaysonM4405:04.7979.6%Mile2
2 Geoffrey ScoatesM3305:06.0473.6%VFAC
3 Greg BroadworthM3905:07.0976.2% VFAC
4 Patrick SwaddenM3005:10.3072.0%Unattached
5 Emma ChadseyF2505:16.8579.4% VFAC 1st Woman
6 Eleanor GreenwoodF4005:19.5083.0% VFAC 2nd Woman
7 Ben HanemaayerM3605:20.2771.5%Unattached
8 Ian RobertsonM3805:21.1272.3% VFAC
9Krishanu SankarM2805:21.5369.1% VFAC
10 Mikhail TITOVM5105:22.1579.7%Ocean
3rd Woman
12 Luc ISAAKM4905:42.9573.6% VFAC
13 Jordan JONESM2305:58.8962.0%Unattached

Meet Report

Elite women’s 1500m was a great hit out for the Langley Mustangs Endurance squad. Training partners Sarah Inglis and Regan Yee worked well together for the first 3 laps before Inglis, in her track season opener, accelerated away in the final 300 for the win. Olympian Shalaya Kipp finished in third in what was also her track season opener.

Elite men’s mile was lead out by pacemaker Nick Colyn for 900m where pace was taken up by James Lam. In the final straight BC 800m champ Matthew Winkler and Adam Marshall had come around Lam to battle for the win with Winkler taking it in the end.

All four races in the meet went smoothly, with lots of runners getting PBs. Post race freezies were a hit, and weather was fantastic. Special thanks to the behind the scenes organisation by photo finish timer Scott Saunders. Also to our BC officials Sandra, Leo and Jill (awesome work with first time shooting a gun and starting our 4 races!). Finally to our volunteers Craig, Shannon, Ellen, Kevin, Mitch, Rick, Jan, and Charles.

Next VFAC event will be the Summerfast 10k around Stanley Park on Saturday 20 July. Flat, fast, scenic, and the best post race home baked goods around! Use code VDTS5 for $5 off your entry.

The next meet in the distance series is the 10,000m meet on Sat 31 August. Other events will be held on request and will be held if there’s enough interest for a heat. Request and discussion can be had on this Facebook page: Vancouver Distance Track PRs

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